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Handling Product.

As a frozen food manufacturer, we are in a constant battle to keep our products completely frozen from us to you to maintain the integrity of the product. This was much easier when we only sold with in our province. As consumer demand increased for clean, allergy-free products we were approached by larger retailers/distributors and with a reach across our nation now, keeping our products frozen as it makes its way though out Canada to you has become our greatest frustration.

Stella’s Perogies are made with a rice flour base that dehydrates by nature. When thawed, the rice flour begins to absorb and draw moisture out of the dough causing the shell to lose its structure & breakage. Once cooked, they will become mushy if thawing and refreezing has occurred. That is why most gluten-free dough products are sold frozen so please cook and keep frozen!.

Methylcelluose and other additives allow for GF shelf-stable baked goods that help retain the moisture in products & make them resistant to drying out or at least slow down the thawing process. Methylcelluose is chemically-treated wood pulp. 

I could add these ingredients to our dough to help make them more stable, however I struggle knowing that so many of our customers already have horrible inflammation and digestion issues causing bloating and IBS-like symptoms. Additives will only cause further stomach issues.

The issue for Stella’s - and for consumers - is ensuring that our products remain frozen from start to finish - OR add ingredients that would compromise our commitment to the people we want to feed. 

 Keep in mind some of our customers are vegan or have multiple allergies so adding egg or a dairy based additive to our dough is 

something we can not do.

Please email us the good, bad & ugly!

 We welcome your thoughts at  

Thank you.

Keri Adams

Founder of Stella’s Perogies.

Cooking Tips

Never allow product to thaw!

Never buy our product from online shipping stores. These are shipped with uncontrollable freezer temps and you will end up with expensive damaged product!  We would ship online direct to you ourselves if we felt confident you would get your product how it was intended,  but we don't cause there are too many ways it could be damaged!   

Always use a non stick frying pan or skillet, if you don't prepare to use a lot of oil or you be scrubbing off stuck perogies!

Never put too many perogies is the pan at once they can not cook evenly or properly if they are all piled on one an other they will slowly thaw and end up as a pile of mush.

Always place frozen perogies in boiling water with a thin layer of water/oil or butter on bottom of pan (the oil will prevent perogies from sticking to each other or to the pan after the all water has steamed off)

Once you place the perogies in the boiling water cover with a lid immediately and LEAVE THEM alone for a 3-5 mins. I know its hard but don't bug them cause if they have been accidentally thawed if you leave that lid on the perogy will re-hydrate with the steam and the structure will form again! The product needs that first few cooking minutes to bind properly as it is leaving the frozen state, disturbing them during this process will cause them to fall apart.

After you flip them you can add additional toppings or extras at this time, fry up crispy if you like but always make sure you have some form of oil in your pan so add more if you need to.

If you added too much water in the beginning after you flip the perogy you can just spill some out especially if your end result is to have them crispier! 

Watch the video below I hope this helps!

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